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An Abominable Little Perversion - Collaborative Zine 2020
With contributions from :: Rabindranth A Bhose | Lindsay Boyd | Jude Browning |
Robyn Deane | Maria DeLima | Jacob Hoffman | Zed Morales | Oren Shoesmith | Wei Zhou / edited and designed by Emma Wolf-Haugh

Made in co-production with Market Gallery, Glasgow
Part of the Reading Troupe workshop and instant publishing series. 32 pages, A4,  full colour, unlimited edition, no ISBN, available to take away from the exhibition Domestic Optimism at The Grazer Kunstverein, 2020 and The Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 2021.

A4, colour, glossy 70gm paper, 34 pages, unlimited edition print and PDF download
DOMESTIC OPTIMISM Act One, Modernism - A Lesbian Lovestory
Script Zine

The full, unedited script, from the video work Domestic Optimism
Available to take away from the exhibition.

A5, b&w, matt paper, 24 pages, unlimited edition print and PDF download

Libidinous Memorial Flag for Peter Clemens :: Zine Performance 2020
This zine performance was compiled and published on the occasion of ‘Reactive Practices: An evening of artist’s responses’ where it has been performed as a response to the work and life of Derek Jarman, coinciding with the exhibition ‘Derek Jarman: Protest!’ at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, January 2020.

The event was presented in the gallery context of CHROMA at The Irish Museum of Modern Art and organised in collaboration with the Samuel Beckett Research Centre at the University of Reading and the School of English, Trinity College Dublin.

This work is part of THRXSOME PART TWO :: Sex in Public

A5, colour, 26 pages, unlimited edition print run and PDF download

Contact emmahaugh.works@gmail.com for hardcopy enquiries

Obsidian Butt Plug – Queer Pulp Sci-fi Zine, 2018 :: The internet has become a psychotic apophenic machine, generating abnormal significance and meaning in random bits of information. A hungry ghost with an insatiable appetite for content, spawning endless links across pages, popups, data hoarding as you click your way through a meaningless mine field.
Commissioned by Joerg Franzbecker / M.1 Arthur Boskamp Foundation and supported by the Female Trouble Collective.
A5, colour, 40 pages, limited edition print run in 2019/PDF download
Night Sweats, DIY Sauna Architecture & Ritual, 2018 :: Night sweats are associated with conflicted and transitional times, waking up from nightmares, erotic dreams, panic attacks and changing hormonal states in the body. With Night Sweat the artist Emma Haugh initiates a hands on experiment in collective building, sweating and queer sensual practice including an attempt at building a temporary outdoor steam bath.
A5 b&w, 16 pages, print edition of 250, as part of the KLRRRR Festival at District, Berlin/PDF Download

Sister Stones and Blocks 
of Anger, 2018 :: Made in a workshop with students from the class of Monica Bonvicini at the UDK (University der Kunste), Berlin.
Content developed by the students as part of a seminar with Suza Husse. Design and layout collaboratively produced via a series of exercises with the working group.

A4 photocopy on stone gray textured paper & A5 yellow neon, loose bind with string. Available as part of the Udk Rundgang student exhibition 2018. Not yet available for download
Reading Troupe Manual #02, Exercises in Performative, Contingent & Collective Reading, 2017
A5, colour, 24 pages, edition of 250/PDF Download. Commissioned as part of the Klöntal Triennale 2017, Part of a Moment

Reading Troupe  #07, Madness, Witchery & Beastiality, Reading Anne Carson’s The Gender of Sound, 2017
A5 colour, 28 pages, printed on matt 120gsm paper, with folded A2 poster insert, edition of 250/PDF Download. As part of ›stumble bumble fail fall hurt‹ symposium at the Heidelberger Kunstverein 2017 

stuck in a goddam snake-pit like Cindarella in aussie flip-flops, 2016 ::
Zine - conversation between Vivian Ziherl & Emma Wolf-Haugh
Commissioned by RGKSKSRG

This zine features an email exchange between the artist Emma Haugh and the writer/curator Vivian Ziherl. Emma and Vivian wrote to one another every morning at a particular time, for a one-week period. This is the unedited outcome. Commissioned by RGKSKSRG, the zine was produced for ‘This is Public & Sexy’

Digital zine, 20 pages, b&w

︎ PDF Download

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