︎THRXSOME comprises three research-intensive, collaborative, continuing, and intermingling projects that deal with sexuality and space – public space, private space, and their many overlaps and in-betweens - in a queer, feminist & decolonial key.



Sex in Public is a collaborative encounter between shared practices of queer world making, towards the blossoming of shameless queer desire. The works perform a repositioning of public space and the private sphere in relation to the non-reproductive pleasures of getting off.

Analogue sites of social sexual pleasure - public toilets/park bushes/nightclubs/bars - are becoming sanitised under the forces of rising rents and the intensification of human capital, transposed into a digital non-place, rubbing up against a reproductive, domestic present, what José Esteban Muñoz calls the “prison house... of the here and now.” Where do we get off? Queer intimacy and desire are becoming regulated actions, their manifestations monitored in both private and public realms. Lives at the intersections of systems of oppression are threatened on the streets, by lovers, in the bedroom and in the bushes. How do we maintain spaces for shared sensual /sexual pleasure and care when personal safety is at risk?

Gloria Anzaldúa claimed herself to be the “Shadow Beast”, a shape-shifting queer body slithering in the cruisy dark. Sex in Public is a hissing ephemeral moment of queer abundance and potentiality, a horizon in the midst of deprivation, denial, trauma and violence. Through this generative exercise, Sex in Public seeks to activate a colloquialism of queer reclamation, staking ownership to spaces and networks under queer economies of care.

Text written collaboratively by Daniel Bermingham, Emma Wolf-Haugh and Eimear Walshe for the exhibition ‘Miraculous Thirst, how to get off in days of deprivation’, 2018

Exhibition // Performance // Collaboration // Video // Dyke cruising // Public space

Libidinous Memorial Flag for Peter Clemens 

Zine Performance 2020

This zine performance was compiled and published on theoccasion of ‘Reactive Practices: An evening of artist’s responses’ where it has been performed as a response to the work and life of Derek Jarman, coinciding with the exhibition ‘Derek Jarman: Protest!’ at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, January 2020.

The event was presented in the gallery context of CHROMA at The Irish Museum of Modern Art and organised in collaboration with the Samuel Beckett Research Centre at the University of Reading and the School of English, Trinity College Dublin.
Thanks to Nathan O’Donnell for the invitation.

‘They go far back in our lost distance where what we never had stands waiting’Djuna Barnes, Nightwood

I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy recently.

How to connect across space and time, and how to remember without slipping into sentimentality, nostalgia, or tropes that claim ‘everything was better before’? How to be remembered? What it means to mark time and space with the making of art? And what it might mean to engage in projects of remembrance when our collective present proposes a bleak future’.

︎Libidinous Memorial Flag Zine Download

︎Reactive Practices at IMMA

Libidinous Memorial Flag for Peter Clemens 

Site specific commission // garden conversation, flag, public reading 2019

‘Libidinous Memorial Flag for Peter Clemens’ along with a public reading and a garden conversation about cruising sites for queer womxn were commissioned as part of ‘Interiors to Being - A month of public happenings throughout Berlin’ in July 2019, within the project chapter ‘HOSTING - On Symbionts, Parasites, and other Relations’ curated by Pauline Doutreluingne.
Photographs: Kun Liang

︎Interiors to Being // Hosting
Works list
Sex in Public installation:

Flags for queer cruising sites
Applique, velvet, upholstery fabric, satin, cotton, ribbon, woven ribbon, denim, dimensions variable, 2018

Clothes for queer cruisers
Appliqué on clothing, dimensions variable, 2018

Dyke Action
Photographic series made in collaboration with Line Skywalker Karlström in a performative cruising action at the men's cruising area near the Teufelssee, Berlin, 2018.

Sex in Public
Video animation with sound developed in collaboration with Theresa Stroetges.

Poster stack

B&W multiple A3 photocopies, wall pasted, dimensions variable.

Install images: David Stjernholm (Den Frie), Madara Gritane (Survival Kit), Barbara Proschak (nGbK)

︎Review of ‘I Slipped...’ at Den Frie - Mousse Magazine


Sex in Public

Video 2018

28.00 minutes
Soundtrack developed in collaboration with Theresa Stroetges
This video piece is adapted from the live performance and incorporates video collage, spoken script and a soundtrack co-produced with musician Theresa Stroetges (Golden Disko Ship).