Sex in Publc: Reactive Practices

Irish Museum of Modern Art, organised by Nathan O’DonnellZine Performance 2020
This zine performance was compiled and published on theoccasion of ‘Reactive Practices: An evening of artist’s responses’ where it has been performed as a response to the work and life of Derek Jarman, coinciding with the exhibition ‘Derek Jarman: Protest!’ at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, January 2020.

The event was presented in the gallery context of CHROMA at The Irish Museum of Modern Art and organised in collaboration with the Samuel Beckett Research Centre at the University of Reading and the School of English, Trinity College Dublin.

‘They go far back in our lost distance where what we never had stands waiting’Djuna Barnes, Nightwood

I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy recently.

How to connect across space and time, and how to remember without slipping into sentimentality, nostalgia, or tropes that claim ‘everything was better before’? How to be remembered? What it means to mark time and space with the making of art? And what it might mean to engage in projects of remembrance when our collective present proposes a bleak future’.

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︎Reactive Practices at IMMA