The Re-appropriation: Licking Concrete

Workshop as part of Legitimate Rehearsals 2017
Curated by Lena Brüggemann & Katharina ZimmerhacklD21 Kunstraum Leipzig (DE
‘Licking Concrete Reading Troupe workshop was based on a collective re-mixing of materials from the The Re-appropriation of Sensuality Archive. 

Re-appropriation of Sensuality materialized as part of Legitimate Rehearsal exhibition as an installation, printed matter and in the form of a workshop. Under the thematic focus “Politics of space, temporality, print ephemera and the city”, new, collective moments and aesthetic claims are developed. The workshop consists of performative, affective and physical reactions to text and other materials. Improvisation, gestures, collage, fragmentation, interruptions and other random forms flow into the process.’ Text excerpt from D21 website

Documentation - Paula Gehrmann