Installation nGbK, Berlin, 2018

Sex in Public


Sex in Public performance, 2018

‘Non residential scenes of intimacy, warm, unstable, shifting, intimate lives involving rages, instabilities, ambivalences and failures.’ 

Miraculous Thirst how to get off in days of deprivation 2018

With Eimear Walshe & Daniel Bermingham

Poverty of Vision

The Many Headed

Acqueous mythmaking collective

Reading Troupe - Disruptive Pedagogy


The Re-appropriation of Sensuality

Having A kiki - Queer Desire & Public Space

‘Why, in Berlin, the mecca of queer sexual exploration and urban spatial appropriation, were dykes using a space specifically designed for sex between men, on a Monday night?’The Re-appropriation of Sensuality performance 2015

Awkward Artist Talk #01

Love is Disturbing 2015

Readings & Re-tellings from Feminist Science Fiction 

A Score for Six Photographs

This is not that place


The Man I Love

Zine Archive

Radical generosity since 2010

Inflamed Recreation Room

Scriptings, Berlin 2014-2015

This is
not that place

performance 201