Sea Body Infrastructure Image— The Many Headed Hydra - Magazine #01, 2016


Editors: Emma Haugh and Suza Husse

Conributors: Anna Hallin & Olga Bergmann, Bryndís Björnsdóttir, Hannah Black, Natasha Ginwala, Tinna Grétarsdóttir, Emma Haugh, Suza Husse, Occupational Hazard Project, Tejal Shah, Ato Malinda, Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson and participants of the workshops “Speaking As Fishes” in Leipzig and Reykjavík.

Cover: Tejal Shah, Between the Waves, Secret, 2012

Published by: District Berlin
Designed by: Elsa Westreicher
Printed by: BUD Potsdam 
Pocketbook, softcover, 48 pages, colour
With texts in English language
Poster folded into cover
Edition of 250

Berlin launch
14 August 2016
As part of The Project Space Festival

At the DDR-Grenzwachturm / GDR-Watchtower Schlesischer Busch

In Collaboration with The Watch, Residencyprogram at the Watchtower Schlesischer Busch by Flutgraben e.V.
Reykjavik launch
22 – 30 October 2016
REYKJAVÍK Museum of Modern Art, Publication launch, installation, performance bus tour, screening
In the frame of Occupational Hazard Project at Ásbrú, the former American NATO base in Reykjanes bay and Reykjavik Art Museum. With contributions by Bryndís Björnsdóttir, Ato Malinda and Tejal Shah