The Re-appropriation of Sensuality


Performed as part of: The Re-appropriation of Sensuality exhibiton at NCAD Gallery
Curated by RGKSKSRG
15.38 minutes
Projected floor text
Video documentation - Caroline Doolin

“Lesbian clubs, dyke nights, queer parties, generally happen sporadically, monthly, once off events, occupying space temporarily.  I once attended a sex party for women on a Monday night in Berlin, housed in a small, sailor themed bar in Friedrichshain usually, always otherwise, a regular venue for gay men, with a darkroom taking up twice as much space as the bar itself. I imagine it’s an easygoing gay bar with the possibility of casual sex and a beer. Why, in Berlin, the mecca of queer sexual exploration and urban spatial appropriation, were dykes using a space specifically designed for sex between men, on a Monday night?” The Re-appropriation of Sensuality script excerpt

︎Temporary Art Review, 2017 (US)