Sex in Public

Performance // 2018
28.00 minutes
Projected video collage // Pre recorded audio // Spoken script // Pop song

Sex in Public re-appropriates descriptions of sexual encounters in public spaces from literature written by gay men. The texts are edited to be read as autobiographical and are collaged together with a script comprised of cut-up’s from discourse around sexual politics, urban planning and the role that social space plays in shaping identity. The overlapping elements propose an alternate sexual narrative that considers non-domestic, analog forms of intimacy as an important part of our daily lives
Appropriated texts include excerpts from;
Joe Orton - The Orton Diaries
David Wojnarowicz - Close to the Knives, A Memoir of Disintegration
Samuel R.Delaney - Times Square Red, Times Square Blue
Sex in Public - Lauren Berlant & Michael Warner

︎VAI News Sheet, interview with Daniel Bermingham, Emma Haugh & Eimear Walshe, July, 2018 (IE)