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Having a Kiki queer desire & public space
Paper Visual Art

978-0-957335-06-6 ISBN

‘Having a Kiki - Queer Desire and Public Space

Edited by Emma Wolf-Haugh

Contributions by Oreet Ashery, Claude Cahun, Faye Green, Emma Wolf-Haugh and Suza Husse, Frankie Hucklenbroich, Libida Club Archive, Sally R. Munt, Kaj Osteroth and Lydia Hamann, Sideroom (Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler), Neo Sinoxolo Musangi, and Eimear Walshe.

Published by: Paper Visual Art
Design: Atelier Projects

Kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland

17 cm x 24 cm, 96 pages, 24 colour ills., softcover, 2 inserts

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Review: Totally Dublin, by Stephen Moloney, Feb. 2017


Sea Body Infrastructure Image— The Many Headed Hydra - Magazine #01, 2016


Editors: Emma Wolf-Haugh and Suza Husse

Conributors: Anna Hallin & Olga Bergmann, Bryndís Björnsdóttir, Hannah Black, Natasha Ginwala, Tinna Grétarsdóttir, Emma Wolf-Haugh, Suza Husse, Occupational Hazard Project, Tejal Shah, Ato Malinda, Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson and participants of the workshops “Speaking As Fishes” in Leipzig and Reykjavík.

Cover: Tejal Shah, Between the Waves, Secret, 2012

Published by: District Berlin
Designed by: Elsa Westreicher
Printed by: BUD Potsdam 
Pocketbook, softcover, 48 pages, colour
With texts in English language
Poster folded into cover
Edition of 250

Available from DISTRICT Berlin


Rituals for dis-identification
The Many Headed Hydra Magazine #03, Colombo 2019


Zine and ritual cards by Emma Wolf-Haugh, Katusa Medusa, Sandev Handy, Suza Husse, Vicky Shajahan & A Collective for Feminist Conversations made on the occasion of Sea Change, Colomboscope Festival, 24-31 January 2019, curated by Natasha Ginwala.

A5, b&w, 36 pages, print edition of 250, as part of a commissioned collaborative work with the Colomboscope festival 2019/PDF download



An Object of Desire Already Lost — Platform Arts, Vaasa, Finland

978-952-93-1102-6 ISBN

An Object of Desire Already Lost, 2013
An Object of Desire Already Lost

Artist book 

Includes collaborations with
Thomas Butler : Dancer
Tess Walkowski : Improvised text

Published by: Platform Arts
Designed by: Emma Haugh
Printed by: FRAM, Vaasa
Pocketbook, softcover, 90 pages, b&w
Edition of 100

Contact: for enquiries, a small number of copies are available