The Re-appropriation: Legitimate Rehearsals


Curated by Lena Brüggemann & Katharina ZimmerhacklD21 Kunstraum Leipzig (DE)
With: Jeremiah Day, Toon Fibbe Paula Gehrmann, Ilke Gers, Emma Haugh, Conny Karlsson Lundgren, Emanuel Mathias, Hana Miletić, Kym Ward, Katharina Zimmerhackl

‘Legitimate Rehearsals declares the art space to be a test field. The potential of artistic debates to reflect and critically question political and social processes with aesthetic-formal means is examined. What rules do we follow today and how do we shape social processes as a result? To what extent can social relationships be rethought and practiced in artistic space? The works presented ask questions about the conditions and limits of social participation.‘

Photographs: Paula Gehrmann
Text from D21 website