Miraculous Thirst - how to get off in days of deprivation

Galway Arts Centre Curated by Iarliath Ni Fheroais with Basic Space Two person exhibition with Eimear Walshe and Emma Wolf-Haugh

Works list
Sex in Public
Flags for queer cruising sites
Applique, velvet, upholstery fabric, satin, cotton, ribbon, woven ribbon, denim, dimensions variable, 2018

Clothes for queer cruisers
Appliqué on clothing, dimensions variable, 2018

Wall pasted images ‘Dyke Action’ made in collaboration with Line Skywalker Karlström in a performative cruising action at the men's cruising area near the Teufelssee, Berlin, 2018.
B&W multiple A3 photocopies, wall pasted, dimensions variable. Photographs by Tom Flanagan
Exhibition documentation shows sculptures in brass and neon by Eimear Walshe. Textile works with wall pasted b&w photocopy photographs by Emma Wolf-Haugh & Line Skywalker Karlström.