The Re-appropriation: A Score for Six Photographs

Exhibition & Performance

A score for six photographs

The re-appropriation of sensuality
Exhibition & Performance
The Joinery, Dublin, 2014
Curated by Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll
with Faye Green

Photographs by Louis Haugh

Exhibition & Performance
The Joinery, Dublin, 2014

Wallpasted photocopies (dimensions variable), Printed Score, Performance

‘Haugh’s recent show at The Joinery in Dublin, The Re-appropriation of Sensuality, Act 1: a score for six photographs employs similar strategies as a means of addressing one specific question: what would a space dedicated to the manifestation of female desire be like? This question arose following an awkward and dispiriting visit to a women-only sex club in Berlin, a night that Haugh describes in an earlier textual work Black Bile. She suggests that the reason the night was a failure was a result of the architecture of the space in which it took place. The club was in a building normally used for gay male activities, and so the darkened rooms, hard surfaces and rigid geometry were designed to reflect a specifically male version of sexuality, and served to alienate everything else. But, if instead of taking place in a borrowed venue that is not fit for the female use, the club took place in one that was custom designed, what would this place be like? The work set out to explore this idea of how to envisage an architecture that is specifically oriented around female desire, but perhaps more importantly, to also investigate what sort of strategies and approaches might be effective in actually doing this.

There are a number of things at stake here. One is the question of how female sexuality comes to be dominated by male ideas of what it is supposed to be. Another is the extent to which physical environments serve to affect, constrain and control behaviour (sexual or otherwise). We can look at both of these things though as specific instances of a more general and more fundamental question around how identity is constructed, or perhaps more to the point, how identity is imposed.’

Hugh McCabe, ‘Dancing About Architecture’ 2014.

Curated by: Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll
Collaborations with; Holly O’Brien, Aileen Murphy, Faye Green and RGKSKSRG (Rachael Gilbourne & Kate Strain)

PDF download exhibition score Tender Remains - by Faye Green