The Re-appropriation: This is not that place

Project Space at PP/S Pallas Projects Dublin
Framed photographs, A0 photocopies, flyers, zine, concrete plinths, mirror
This is not that place is a point of slippage, a fragmentary archive of queer knowledge and intimacy, gathered together through random, instinctive encounters and processes of relational otherness. Photographs, texts and interventions straddle spheres of lived experience and the imagination.
Generated via compulsive collaboration, conversation and improvisation - form is pliant - from installation, to web, to print based media and ephemera. Driven by something yet unknown this is not that place suggests presence, something other that is simultaneously recognizable and strange.

Incorporating the language of cultural histories - the archive, biography, photographic portraiture, descriptive accounts and interviews the collected objects offer something that might be missing or lost. Playing with tropes of mythology, iconography and engaging with the aesthetics of club culture this is not that place opens out to a liminal eroticism that wishes itself into existence via the limitations of imagination and desire.