Modernist Furniture for Lesbian Homes

Billboards 2020Collaboration with Kerstin Honeit and Line Skywalker Karlström
Part of The Grazer Kunstverein is Moving and in tandem with Domestic Optimism exhibition. Curated by Kate Strain and Edward Clydesdale Thompson.

Documentation - The Schubidu Quartet

‘In advance of a solo exhibition at Grazer Kunstverein in Autumn 2020, Emma Wolf-Haugh takes Grazer Kunstverein to the streets with a billboard campaign around the central district of Lend. Large-scale, collaboratively made, photographic works linked to Wolf-Haugh's wider project Domestic Optimism are displayed in the poster slots usually reserved for advertisements. Displacing private domestic interiors (fusing past and present) to the public sphere the billboards are part of a continuing engagement with spatial politics and queer women’s invisibility. Wolf-Haugh’s artistic practice often involves (re)inserting and (re)appropriating narratives and histories that are otherwise overlooked, obscured, written out, or deleted.