Sex in Public: Into the Drift and Sway 

Bärenzwinger, Berlin, 2021
Group exhibition curated by
Malte Pieper & Lusin Reinsch
Commissioned work assisted by C. Clement

‘The group show “Into the drift and sway” considers the Bärenzwinger as a place in constant flux. Located at the southern entrance to Köllnischer Park, the Bärenzwinger was built on an area that formerly contained a street-cleaning depot with a public restroom run by Berlin’s city sanitation department from 1901 to 1938. The building of the former depot was converted into a bear pit using the bricks of the pre-existing architecture. What stories from the past reside in its walls, which new qualities appear from its cracks?’ Exhibition text excerpt

Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo,
Constantin Hartenstein,
Lindsay Lawson,
Lotte Meret,
Lucas Odahara,
Emma Wolf-Haugh

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