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Sex in Public / Dyke Action


nGbK Berlin
As part of the TOUCH project

Sex in Public installation
Flags for queer cruising sites
Applique, velvet, upholstery fabric, satin, cotton, ribbon, woven ribbon, denim, dimensions variable, 2018

Clothes for queer cruisers
Appliqué on clothing, dimensions variable, 2018

Dyke Action
Photographic series made in collaboration with Line Skywalker Karlström in a performative cruising action at the men's cruising area near the Teufelssee, Berlin, 2018.

Sex in Public
Video animation with sound developed in collaboration with Theresa Stroetges.

Poster stack

B&W multiple A3 photocopies, wall pasted, dimensions variable.
Install images above: Emma Haugh Below: Barbara Proschak

Sex in Public / Dyke Action

The installation Sex in Public comprises Flags for Queer Cruising Sites, Clothes for Queer Cruisers, and the wall-pasted black-and-white photo series Dyke Action alongside video and audio piece Sex in Public.  The photo series documents a performative cruising action Haugh made in collaboration with artist Line Skywalker Karlström, in which flags and clothes become performative objects or talismans for desire that Haugh uses to propose a queer iconography of connectedness and identity shifts. The video animation consists of found material including images of domestic space, an audio track with a text collage made from theory around sex in public, and re-appropriated texts from gay men’s literature.

Haugh’s works raise questions about the role of social space in shaping identities. What roles, meanings, and attributions are ascribed to communal and public spaces, and how do they impact non-normative bodies? What influence does this impact have on social visibility and safety?

Haugh engages queers in collective acts of ritualized land and property reclamation to develop a shared imaginary and re-appropriate sexual utopias that feed a transformative queer politics, either for pleasure or for care. Her performative works propose an alternate sexual narrative seeking to bring analogue forms of intimacy and touch out of the domestic sphere into the public.
Text by Nadja Quante
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