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Sex in Public

Performance / Video 

28.00 minutes
Projected video collage
Soundtrack developed in collaboration with Theresa Stroetges

Performance at nGbK, Nov. 2018
Performance Galway Arts centre, May 2018

Sex in Public

Sex in Public re-appropiates descriptions of sexual encounters in public spaces from literature written by gay men. The texts are edited to be read as autobiographical and are collaged together with a script comprised of cut-up’s from discourse around sexual politics, urban planning and the role that social space plays in shaping identity. The overlapping elements propose an alternate sexual narrative that considers non-domestic, analog forms of intimacy as an important part of our daily lives.

The piece is developed with an audio/visual backing track that I insert myself into working with a form of drag performance. 

Appropriated texts include excerpts from;
Joe Orton - The Orton Diaries
David Wojnarowicz - Close to the Knives, A Memoir of Disintegration
Samuel R.Delaney - Times Square Red, Times Square Blue
Sex in Public - Lauren Berlant & Michael Warner

︎VAI News Sheet, interview with Daniel Bermingham, Emma Haugh & Eimear Walshe, July, 2018 (IE)

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