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Inflamed Recreation Room


Inflamed Recreation Room

The Re-apropriation of Sensuality

Exhibition, performance, workshop & publication
Scriptings Issue #41

Berlin July 2014 - April 2015

Berlin Art Week 2014

Inflamed Recreation Room 

In collaboration with Janine Eisenächer & Sonja Gerdes

Working with materials generated within the ongoing project The Re-apropriation of Sensuality including texts, photographs, transcriptions & architectural drawings. Scriptings Issue #41 was edited in intimate one-on-one collaborative sessions throughout the winter of 2014/2015 and was exhibited and performed at Scriptings, Berlin in April/May 2015.

The exhibition comprised a room inside a room constructed from newspaper panels painted white on the outside and pink on the inside. The panels were then over-painted collaboratively with improvised symbols by Emma Haugh and Sonja Gerdes while they discussed what femininity might possibly mean. The room was used as an internal stage for the opening night performance by Emma Haugh and Janine Eisenächer who performed inside the ephemeral structure, surrounded by the audience who caught glimpses through holes and cracks in the temporary architecture. The performance script was collaged using materials from The Re-appropriation of Sensuality archive by Janine Eisenächer.

Scriptings issue #41 was published alongside the exhibition and was used as collage material in a public workshop that closed the project.

︎Fine Print Magazine, Kim Littler, 2015