The Man I Love


A choreographed performance through gesture to music
Performed by Emma Haugh, for RGKSKSRG
Dublin 2013
2.23 minutes

The Man I Love

The Man I Love written by George and Ira Gershwin was originally part of the 1924 score for the Gershwin government satire 'Lady, Be Good'. Here the now popular standard took the title The Girl I Love, but the song was cut from the show, and subsequently deleted last-minute from two later Gershwin musicals.  It has since garnered more recognition as an independent popular song than as a Broadway number (as was the original intent). More recently, the song has come to find form as the aural component to a work by acclaimed choreographer Pina Bausch.

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The music in this video is taken from Sophie Tucker's 1928 version of the song, and is performed, though a mixture of ASL, ESL and gestural interpretation, by Dublin/Berlin based artist Emma Haugh (IE). The video documents a rehearsal of the piece, which was performed live on the occasion of (((O))) at Clonlea Studios, Co. Dublin, Ireland, 2013.