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An object of desire already lost


An object of desire already lost
Exhibition . Publication . Performance

Installed work comprising texts, photographs, etched glass, concrete, wood, wall drawing, techno track & publication.

The Re-appropriation of Desire in Public Archive Kabinet Berlin 2017Exhibited as part of the launch of the publication Having A Kiki Queer Desire & Public Space with Paper Visual Art

Legitimate Rehearsals
D21 Kunstraum Leipzig 2017
Curated by Katharina Zimmerhackl & Lena Bruggenheim
Photo - Paula Gehrmann
This is Public & Sexy St Andrews Community Centre / Common Ground / Studio 468 Dublin 2015
Curated by RGKSKSRG Rachael Gilbourne & Kate Strain

An object of desire already lost

An object of desire already lost is an ongoing work presenting objects within an immersive environment that suggests questioning, possibility and radical otherness during a time of profound cultural uncertainty.

Through continuing research a collection of textual, audio and visual objects that relate to mythologies of club culture have been generated. These objects take the form of an installed work evoking a repository of strange knowledge (engaging aesthetically with archival practices and museum display).

The various objects (texts, transcriptions of conversations, photographic images, printed matter, techno music and ephemera) aim to question the ownership of culture, history, ideology and action as well as the limitations of culture as a means of individual, social and political transformation.

Utilizing the language and aesthetic of recorded cultural histories the objects are rendered both recognizable and strange, raising issues of memory, imagination, desire, possibility and the function of cities in relation to human bodies.

An object of desire already lost  was installed in the project space at Platform Kasern as part of a two month residency with Platform arts, Finland in 2012. Visual artist and techno producer Rasmus Hedlund installed audio as part of the event and an artists book produced during the residency was shown alongside other new works.

Preface (p. 3)
The Earth; The Starting Point


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