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Commissioned by Commonplace Projects
Curated by Sally Timmons

Darkroom, strobe light, techno track, Text etched onto mirror 7 panels 10" x 8", 9 framed silver gelatin prints 420mm x 310mm, 1 framed inkjet print  390mm x 290mm

The Re-appropriation of Desire in Public Archive Kabinet Berlin 2017Exhibited as part of the launch of the publication Having A Kiki Queer Desire & Public Space with Paper Visual Art

Legitimate Rehearsals
D21 Kunstraum Leipzig 2017
Curated by Katharina Zimmerhackl & Lena Bruggenheim
Photo - Paula Gehrmann
This is Public & Sexy St Andrews Community Centre / Common Ground / Studio 468 Dublin 2015
Curated by RGKSKSRG Rachael Gilbourne & Kate Strain


Berghain was made in response to time spent living in Berlin. The work hinges on modern mythologies surrounding club culture and begins with the obsessive nature of online forums and the desire for an experience that facilitates complete abandon. Moving between fact and fiction the imagination is held somewhere in-between.
Berghain is an infamous superclub in Berlin that feeds the craving for excess that is prevalent in the cultural make up of big cities.
Inside, Berghain is designed to facilitate a specific kind of spatial relationship through the use of lighting, hidden corners, darkrooms, techno music, an omission of any kind of reflective surface and a strict no camera policy. The architecture of the club is gendered, it comprises a gay male aesthetic that is particular to Berlin. The exhibition, like the club, promises a fabricated experience that confounds expectations.
Exhibited; Commonplace Projects, Dublin 2011, AKA Gallery, Berlin 2012, The Black Mariah, Cork, 2012

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The Earth; The Starting Point


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Interview with Daniel Bermingham & Eimear Walshe July 2018 (IE)

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